Wireless Broadband


Fast connections

In addition to traditional ADSL and fibre Orion UK offers fast wireless connections for our customers. We use this technology to beam speeds of up to 100 Mbps to rural homes and businesses where traditional broadband systems are too slow to be useful.

Living in rural areas does not mean you have to suffer from slow speeds and limited service. Fixed wireless travels at the speed of light over the countryside, with a receiving dish the size of a breakfast mushroom. This means we can even connect homes with no telephone line.

how does it work?

Fixed wireless radio needs a line of sight between the dish on your house and one of the growing number of access points on our network. Just call us for a quick check on whether we can get to you. If we can’t right now then we will happily try to get a link to your local community.

Installation is a dish, a thin cable which carries signal and power to the dish and a router which gives you wired and dual-band wifi in your house.

Once installed Orion’s network looks and works the same as all internet systems. Simply connect to the router by cable or wireless. If you have multiple properties or castle-thick walls then we can help with additional wifi units, or extenders which can carry the wifi signals through the existing mains wiring. Just ask and we will help with these sorts of problems.