About Orion



Orion.uk started when Stephen Dyer set up a wireless connection for his own Devon home increasing his “speed” from 0.1 Megabits per second to 75 Mbps – an increase of 750 times what BT could provide at the time. This small beginning provided the seed that started Greenbeam Orion Ltd, now trading as Orion.uk.

The company has grown through investment in infrastructure and through the acquisition of the businesses of CFB Solutions Ltd and Connect Devon Ltd. The Company is run by directors Stephen Dyer and Doug Hulme.

Steve, who founded one of the earliest business ISP’s in the UK in the 1990’s, Mailbox Internet Ltd, has a wide depth of experience in setting up and managing the ISP environment. He is on the board of UKNOF, sat on the Board of Nominet and founded Centralnic PLC.

Doug has been involved in the IT industry since 1972 and his expertise has been gained from exposure to all aspects of computer and networking technology. Latterly he was involved in providing specialist services to Law Enforcement and associated agencies in the UK and worldwide, including 2 years based in Sydney as Asia Pacific General Manager.

Steve and Doug are assisted in the company by a team of part and full-time individuals providing accounts and technical support. We have qualified electrical installers who deal with customer installations and service and we pull in specialist skills for individual projects as required.

The company continues to expand with anything up to 500 active users currently. We have concentrated on achieving a wide coverage through network infrastructure. This infrastructure, running from Shepton Mallet to South Devon, now has wide coverage of Somerset and Devon.

We have partnerships with various Network and Equipment suppliers including Cerberus Networks, Gigaclear and Yay.com for telephony. Through these partnerships we can provide fibre to the premises (FTTP), Fibre to the cabinet (FTTC) and ADSL connections where appropriate.

Orion provides all the different variations of network technology as best fits the individual project needs. We do however specialise in wireless technology. In hilly terrain a combination of wireless and other technologies is the right mix. While wireless links do not currently have the capacity of fibre a wireless link of ten kilometers can be easily deployed in a morning, at a cost of hundreds of pounds, whereas the same link by fibre would take months, and costs typically £500,000.

We believe that hybrid networks provide the only viable answer to the demand to quickly provide usable high-speed internet in the terrain of the South West, hence our emphasis on coverage, network and multiple internet connections for resilience.