Fast internet for Devon and Somerset is an Internet Service Provider, delivering fast internet to rural communities in the South West. Our technology delivers high speeds to remote locations for residential and business customers.

We specialise in fixed wireless technology and have a network which spans Devon and Somerset.

Our wireless network does not depend on traditional telephone lines. We can even provide internet telephones which completely remove dependence on local telephone lines.



Fast affordable internet at home. Prices start at £30 per month including VAT.



Internet services to support small and large businesses. Fixed wireless or traditional fibre/cabling.



Growing village network of Orion Wifi Hotspots. Easy access from computers or phones with no installation required.



Replace your landline for cheaper calls and rental reductions. Even a ‘soft’ switchboard system grouping your staff’s homes and mobiles and passing calls around several locations.





Pre-Installation check

Start with a no commitment pre-installation check. We will see what services we can provide to you through special software and mapping programs. We will sometimes visit the site since maps don’t always show up all problems. However usually we will know your area and have a good idea what’s possible.

Equipment Install

Having chosen the right technology a qualified Orion engineer will professionally install our equipment on your premises. This is a simple dish and cable install and we align the dish to give you best possible signal. A router in your chosen location will bring wired and wireless signals to your house.

Speed Check

When we have you connected we will show you that you are receiving a good signal that allows you to mail, watch movies, play games etc without “buffering” watching a little thing go round and round during your movie. We will help connect your existing equipment and install a phone system should you require it.


Check to see if you’re eligible for connection